Borrow the Internet

Mobile Wireless Hotspots are available to check out!

Logan County Libraries now offers mobile hotspots for patrons age 18 and older to check out and take home for 14 days. These hotspots run on Verizon Wireless service and allow patrons to use the internet for FREE—anytime, anywhere. A hold can be placed if all are checked out. For more information, call the Library at 937-599-4189.

The Mobile Library Hotspot lending collection provides patrons greater access to the Internet away from the library and furthers the Library’s mission to support the educational, economical, and recreational development of Logan County.  A Hotspot may be borrowed or placed on hold at any Library Branch and should be returned to the same Branch by its due date.


Library Hotspots use the Verizon 4G Network.
To see a network map visit
USB Adapter & Charging Cable are included.

Hotspots are checked out for 14 days with no renewals.
Overdue fines are $5 per day maximum of $15 with a $100 replacement cost.
$5 replacement cost for lost cord or charger.
Overdue Hotspots will be deactivated.

Mobile Hotspot Lending - Best Practice:   

Patrons must agree to comply with all the following conditions:

I understand that open, unsecured wireless network “Hotspots” are freely and easily accessible with little regard to who is using the network at any time. Due to this inherent insecurity, I will not hold Logan County Libraries responsible for data loss, breach of confidential information, or interception of any confidential information that may be the result of malicious activity by another wireless user, website, or software on any given wireless user’s device. Wireless Hotspot users are cautioned against using online banking, auctions, email, and any other type of Internet-based activity that exposes clear text usernames and passwords.

I understand and acknowledge that the Internet contains images and content that may be offensive or harmful to me or to others. I release Logan County Libraries from all liabilities associated with the viewing of, use of or exposure to any information, picture, graphical representation, or illustration I may encounter while using this wireless connection, regardless of whether the information appears on or is delivered through the station I operate, or any other wireless user operates.

I will comply with all state and federal laws including those regarding obscenity, pornography, and the delivery of any such material to minor. I will also comply with the Logan County Libraries Internet Acceptable Use Policy (available on request).

I understand that I create, store, and use the personal data (including all files, folders, and media) on my PC or other internet enabled device at my own risk and that Logan County Libraries is not responsible for the loss of any personal data (including all files, folders, and media). Parents/guardians are responsible for the use of the Hotspot by minors.

I understand and accept that my failure to comply with this Logan County Libraries Mobile Hotspot Lending – Best Practice may result in suspension of Internet privileges at all Logan County Libraries locations or other appropriate legal action.

I understand that only patrons ages 18 and above, with a Library card in good standing, will be eligible to check out a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

At the time of checkout, Library staff will confirm that all items are present in the Hotspot kit. Once a Hotspot is checked out to me, it becomes my responsibility. Any changes in condition or content while in my care will be my responsibility. I am responsible for damage, loss, or theft. I should have a basic working knowledge of the device on checkout. If any technical problems are encountered, I should return the device immediately. The Hotspot must be kept in a temperature-controlled environment (not left in vehicles or in extreme temperatures). For assistance in the operation of the Library’s Hotspot, I may call the Knowlton Library during normal business hours.

I understand the Hotspot will be checked out for 14 days and may not be renewed. When it is due, it must be returned to the Library or Branch where it was borrowed. The late fee will be $5.00 a day with a maximum late fee of $15.00. I understand that service to the device will be turned off should the item become overdue.

  • When returned, the Hotspot kit will be examined to ensure it is in good condition. If damage to the Hotspot kit is discovered by Library staff, appropriate costs will be added to my account.  If the Hotspot is lost or damaged, I will be charged a replacement cost of $100.00.  If the charger or charging cord is lost or damaged, I will be charged a replacement cost of $5.00 for each item.  If the entire Hotspot kit is lost or damaged, I will be charged a replacement cost of $110.00.